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Were going into the base training period and for most of us we need to be doing the long sessions at an aerobic intensity to build endurance up. Below I have given a couple of sessions for you to use:

Swimming: Work on drills, including; Zipper, catch-up, one arm drills, leg drills, etc and working on building endurance through slower paced long swims.

Cycle: Long slow rides at a pace that is sufficient to have a conversation

Run: Long slow runs at a pace that is sufficient to have a conversation

Strength and conditioning: Emphasis is to build strength and focus on weak areas and any muscle imbalances. Exercises can include; squats, lat pull down, pull ups, press ups and core work.

(Remember only increase distance by 5-10% each week if neccessary)


If you get bored of swimming length after length, I do, then try this session, it can be done in an hour or reduce the sets and make it a 30 minute session. Great session for combining endurance and speed development

warm up 200m easy pace

400m (16 lengths of 25m pool) at endurance pace (eg 2mins/100m), allow 30-1min recovery before next sets

4x100m at race pace speed (eg 1.50/100m) , allow 30 seconds recovery between each set

300m as per

3x100m as per

200m as per

2x100m as per

100m as per

2x 50m as per

Total= 2400m inc w/up and c/down

Cooldown 200m easy pace

If this is too much reduce the amount and start with 300 or 200m


Swimming TT

Try this session next time you are in the pool, take a waterproof watch with a timer and swim as far as you possibly can in a certain amount of time. This not only teaches you about pace but also enables you to see your progressions with this type of swimming session. I often do a T30, which is 30 minutes, other options are T10, T20. If you are new to swimming start with just 5 minutes and progress from there, remember its better to maintain good form with your stroke.

Top tip:

1. Pace yourself and work at a pace that is manageable for you

2. If you are feeling tired take an easy session instead

3. Have a look on http://www.goswim.tv/  for swimming tips and help

4. This is a great way to see how you are progressing, it can be used weekly, monthly,etc

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