I came to train in Corby as a member of the Israeli Olympic Swim Team on June 10th and had the privilege to use the facility until June 25th. Throughout my time in Corby, I had to use the weight room in addition to the intense water workout to keep building muscles. I met Ben in one of my workouts, and was really impressed with his knowledge of the various exercises, and more importantly - his will to learn (the allegedly) new exercises and become a better coach/trainer himself.

Throughout my career I had the privilege to train with many great athletes, including Michael Phelps between 2006 and 2008 at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. I can confidently say that Excellence is not solely derived from talent and hard work, but rather the gradual result of always striving to do better. I believe that during my time in Corby's gym, I could sense Ben's excellence to become better in his profession. I also believe that in order to become a better athlete yourself, you need someone to push you to higher limits, to fulfill your excellence. I believe Ben was gifted with that ability as a coach and therefore whoever works with him in the future will become excellent in sport, and hopefully life in general.

Alon Mandel,
Olympic Athlete, Beijing Olympic Games
Israeli National Record Holder in 50amp;100 meters butterfly
Israeli National Champion in 50&100 meters butterfly

After wanting to get fitter and slimmer for my wedding, which I had 8 weeks to achieve some kind of difference - I wanted to get a Personal Trainer who had an understanding of my current low fitness level and work with me to achieve my goals.

After a thorough review of exactly what I wanted to achieve and taking into account my limited time due to planning the wedding and work demands. Ben went above and beyond to provide me with a training plan which fitted into my hectic schedule and one that I felt that I could achieve my results from.

Due to Ben's innate ability to understand what level you can work at and how to achieve results in a short time, I was feeling in better shape for my big day in a very short space of time... to the extent that I now want to carry on training after my wedding. Which is a great result for a person whom didn't exercise at all!

Clare Bloomfield
Joules Clothing Marketing Manager

As a physiotherapist I find it difficult to find a massage therapist that meets my expectations- until I saw Ben. He is exceedingly professional and effective. His underpinning knowledge is evident in his tailoring of treatment to my specific needs. After only 2 treatments, I feel my long term problem is now manageable! A brilliant massage, I would definitely recommend Ben to my patients.


Ben has been helping me sort out my swimming and improve my general fitness, thanks to his patience and encouragement I've shifted half a stone and feel it's gone from the right places. I also feel so much better in myself and swimming is beginning to be a pleasure again. Ben has helped me make real progress and given me an appetite for pushing myself further.


I had been a member of a gym for over five years but during the last six months my attendance dropped and I found myself really struggling to get motivated. I made the decision to cancel my membership and look for something else to do instead. I found out about Ben's bootcamp and started ten weeks ago. I go to both sessions (Monday and Wednesday) and really enjoy it! Ben makes sure that whatever your ability each session's a great workout and always includes exercises that I would never have done on my own at the gym. I have already seen an improvement in my fitness level which has encouraged me to add in a couple of runs each week on top. Most importantly the regular toning exercises mean I can now fit into clothes that have been too small for months!

Angela Masalski

After being a member of the gym for a while and not really having much motivation or achieving any goals. I decided to opt for a personal trainer! Ben is very professional and knowledgeable in his area of health and fitness! I am very impressed with the results I am seeing!

Natalie Berry

I decided in 2010 that I would like to compete in a Triathlon. I could ride a bike and run, but swimming proved to be a problem. Ben very patiently spent time with me, encouraging me at all times, even when I knew I was hopeless he managed to find positive aspects to my swimming - he was always finding good elements and then building on these. With a lot of perseverance on my behalf and even more on Ben's I have now cracked it - there is still a long way to go, but I have the basics and am building on these. I have found a love of swimming - wish that I had met Ben a few years ago so that I could swim properly and then just work on my technique.

I would recommend Ben to anyone - he is incredibly patient and able to find the positive - he knows when to push you, when to encourage and just what to say at the right moment. I thought I could ride a bike, but he has taken me out on a few rides and I have improved my cycling as well! Surely I can run ok.

Just like to say thanks Ben, I have been bitten by the tri bug and you have given me some invaluable advice along the way. I will be gaining more insightful advice in the near future.

Andy Major

Ben has been coaching me to improve my front crawl swimming technique for the past 18 months. Prior to this, for years, I have been swimming front crawl on a self-taught basis. I had developed some really bad habits, a terrible breathing technique and I was inefficient in the water, expending so much energy.

I was immediately impressed by Ben's professionalism and client-centeredness; through initial chats he evaluated my needs very well. What I also really appreciate and value is that Ben has proactively kept in touch with me between sessions, checking in on my progress and really inspiring me to succeed.

Ben is very approachable and patient; during each pool session, he works hard to correct and improve my many years of poor swimming technique. Furthermore, Ben has developed many tailored drills for me to practise outside my sessions with him. His drills are great and enjoyable and he's is always rooting for me when I show progress.

Ben and I have seen major improvement in my swimming; my confidence and strength in the water has grown considerably. Ben is now encouraging me to commence training to compete in Triathlon; we're reviewing my running and cycling now. He's got the timing spot on; I'm ready to stretch myself a little more.

Ben has a genuine interest in helping people improve their health and fitness and reach their training goals. He adopts a very holistic approach and has taken time to understand my work/life balance, the pressures of my stressful job, my diet and nutritional needs and my personal drivers. Having Ben as my swimming coach has been a fantastic investment for me and good value for money, I am really looking forward to moving on.

Karen Quinn