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Pilates originates from founder Joseph Pilates who taught this series of movements last century as a new approach to the more traditional forms of exercise. Throughout his life he introduced people to his Pilates method and it is now widely used throughout the world.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is based upon a series of movements that will help strengthen, lengthen and improve the mobility of muscles and joints within the human body. Pilates primarily bases its movements on promoting core strength and stability.

Pilates Benefits

Benefits Pilates provides:

  • Increased mobility and flexibility
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Stronger core
  • Flatter stomach
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved posture
  • Compliments sporting activities

Our Studio

Our comfortable fitness studio is suitable for all ages and abilities. The Pilates equipment within our studio can enhance your current knowledge and experience, with over 500 movements available within the Pilates equipment the body and mind is always challenged.

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Pilates Studio Market Harborough

Pilates Classes Market Harborough

Who is Pilates for?

Everyone. Whether you are an office worker, triathlete, keep fit fanatic, or new to exercise, Pilates can be enjoyed by everyone any anyone. Pilates is about personal development and a professional teacher will be able to progress and develop you at your own pace and ability.

The teacher

When I was injured my Physiotherapist recommended I try Pilates as a means to help get back into exercise and follow a sensible rehabilitation programme. I had the classic triathlete/cyclist muscle imbalances that contributed to my injuries; weak glutes, tight hamstrings and an inflexible back. I attended Pilates classes and realised how weak my core was and how inflexible I was. I was so impressed by how beneficial it was and how much I looked forward to it I decided to become a teacher myself.

Pilates has helped address these issues and is now part of my training regime.

Pilates Classes Market Harborough

Pilates for men

Traditionally men have often trained using heavy weights and trained with the emphasis of 'no pain no gain'. But Pilates complements other exercises and activities making the body less susceptible to injury whilst improving the core. More and more men are recognizing the benefits that Pilates gives, just look at the New Zealand ALL Blacks, they use Pilates as part of their training regime.

Pilates and Sport

Pilates and sport

Pilates compliments sports, as mentioned its primary role is to strengthen the core and help injury prevention. This is great news for the sporting participant.

Triathlon and running

Triathletes come from all sorts of sporting backgrounds. In my case I came from a cycling background which meant adapting the skills required for running and swimming. This required certain muscles to be stronger and more flexible. Pilates helps develop long, strong muscles and improve their flexibility; all essential for the triathlete. Runners can suffer from sore lower backs and again pilates helps open up the vertebrae, this also compliments the cyclist when they're in the aero position for long periods of time.


Pilates focuses on breathing and one of the key issues with swimmers is being able to focus on efficient breathing. A strong core also helps promote a good body position which is essential for effective swimming.


Rugby requires strength, speed and agility amongst other things. At the heart of such sporting requirements is a strong core, Pilates is a key provider in this. Many amateur and professional teams are using Pilates as part of their training regimes. Many Rugby teams are using Pilates as part of the rehabilitation training programs.

Pilates classes timetable

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