Private swimming lessons, Corby East Midlands International Pool

I am qualified swimming teacher and triathlon coach, based at the fantastic Corby East Midlands International Pool.

Swimming is such a beneficial exercise to undertake and I can't stress how important it is to be able to swim, whether it's for safety, fitness or competition. It provides so many fitness benefits and in recent years the popularity has risen as people are realising what a fantastic sport it is and the health benefits attributed to it.

What I offer

I provide the opportunity for you to learn a new stroke, improve your current swimming strokes, or train for a specific sport such as triathlon or open water swimming. I work with both children and adults on a 1:1 basis.

I am an ASA level 2 swimming teacher and therefore qualified to teach both adults and children. I am a Level 2 BTF triathlon coach and have built up over the years a good knowledge base when it comes to freestyle swimming.

Why have private lessons?

Swimming is such a technical sport that requires a lot of patience, input and practice. Having an experienced swimming teacher can really help improve your swimming technique and help develop you to become a competent swimmer. Before I took up swimming as a hobby I thought I could teach myself but after a year of feeling like I was getting nowhere I sought help from a fellow swimming teacher, it was the best investment I could have done.

Video Pool analysis

With the advent of HD digital cameras I am able to provide high quality footage of your swimming through underwater analysis, this enables each aspect of your stroke to be critically assessed.

As a triathlete I am experienced with the freestyle stroke technique of swimming. As explained when I started triathlon back in 2008 my freestyle technique was very poor, I was fit but incredibly inefficient. I used pool analysis and the swimming coach, I now offer the same advice and services.

To book an appointment or to find out more about swimming lessons please contact me through email or telephone.

For classes, further information or to book contact me or call on 07907 184 679.

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